J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform TFA’s Cantina Song Live


J.J. Abrams joins the Ham4Ham show with Lin-Manuel Miranda to perform TFA’s Cantina Song live, and announce it’s release on iTunes

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For those who somehow have completely missed the Hamilton revolution on Broadway, you may not be aware of the “Ham4Ham” show that goes along with it. One of the many things that Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer, composer and star of the show has done is made it a tradition for those in the cast to come out during the break on two performance day shows and entertain the crowds of people who are waiting in line outside the Richard Rogers Theater, hoping to score a ticket on the lottery to see the show for free. (The lottery is a long standing tradition for sold out shows to fill last minute cancellation seats.) This way, even if those waiting don’t win a ticket, they at least get to see their favorite actors and signers perform something and don’t go away feeling completely cheated.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is also a huge Star Wars fan, and when J.J.Abrams came and saw the show last year, tried to hit him up to compose something–maybe a Cantina Theme?–if John Williams wasn’t interested, that is. Well, turns out by some miracle Williams *wasn’t* interested, and Abrams called Miranda to come in and do one.

But because Williams didn’t compose the song, it also hasn’t been available, since the soundtrack was all the main composer’s work. So for May the 4th (which just happened to fall on a two show day) Miranda cooked up a deal with Abrams to come to New York and do today’s Ham4Ham show, which is a live performance of Miranda’s Cantina song–and announce that it is finally available for download.

The best part? I had *no idea* that the song is actually written in Hut-ese, or that the lyrics had meaning! That just makes the song that much more awesome. perhaps for May the 4th next year, Miranda could translate one of Hamilton‘s showstopper numbers into Hut-ese as well?