Star Wars: Episode VIII Cast & Crew Arrive In Cork, Ireland


The cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VIII have arrived by Boeing in Cork, Ireland for shoots in the area.

Cork Airport tweeted the arrival of the cast and crew of Episode VIII today, and managed to capture photos of Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley after they exited the plane. Brian Cameron of Jedi News says the crew is there to start shoots in Ceann Sibeal and Brow Head, Crookhaven.

Episode VIII has been doing a lot of filming in Ireland, from the island of Skellig Micheal where the final scene of The Force Awakens was shot, to Malin Head and now Cork. It’s safe to assume, given the visual similarity and climate of these locations, all of the filming taking place in Ireland is for one planet, or at least two: the planet Rey found Luke Skywalker on in Episode VII, and a new one where the pair encounter Kylo Ren (Adam Driver, along with Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley, was among the cast members to arrive in Malin Head).

Mark, at least is enjoying the media attention. When he, Ridley, and Driver arrived in Malin Head, he gave the paparazzi a grin and raised fingers (not middle fingers, thankfully), while Ridley was bundled up in a parka and Driver wore sunglasses walking through the airport (via Daily Mail). I guess everyone has to treat fame in their own way to stay sane.

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Star Wars being filmed in or near your home town means a huge boost in tourism, so it’s no wonder the people of Cork are so excited to see Episode VIII set up shoots close by. It’s also Star Wars, and who wouldn’t be over the moon to have a Star Wars shoot going on in their backyard? The best part for Ireland, and for visiting fans, is they have several locations which will become Star Wars fan tourism hot spots in the future. Imagine being able to visit at least three Episode VIII locations in just a few days. Perfect for a simple fan trying to make their way through the real world Star Wars universe.

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