Star Wars: Episode VIII, Ridley in Costume and Photos of the Falcon from Malin Head


Epic filming leak and rumor site, Making Star Wars, has recently posted a bevy of new photos from Malin Head in Ireland that show the Millenium Falcon set, and Daisy Ridley in costume as Rey, for the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII…

Beware the Spoilers

Thanks to Jason Ward and the hard working folks at Making Star Wars (a site dedicated to getting reliable filming leaks and information), we have loads of new photos from the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII, from beautiful Malin Head, Ireland and the cliffs of Donegal.

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source Ben Snell

Like I said, MSW has a ton of photos from the actual shoot, which you can find by clicking the link above, but here’s one of the back of the Falcon set, which looks to be on the planet  Ahch-To, where Rey finds Luke at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Then there’s this completely adorable video, uploaded to Twitter by @sammymcguinn, which shows Daisy Ridley walking to or from set, in full Rey costume. What makes this video so great, is the girls getting so star struck and calling: “Reeeeeeeeey.”

Finally, there is another Tweet that spotted Chewbacca (not sure if it’s Peter Mayhew or Joonas Suotamo his double in The Force Awakens).

Looks like all the main players are back together, and it also appears as if Chewie might be going on some adventures with Luke and Rey (and R2), as the pilot of the Falcon, in Han’s place.

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Star Wars: Episode VIII continues filming in different locations all over Ireland, so stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force, as we bring you more updates, as we get them.