SPOILER: Leaked Rogue One Visual Guide Reveals Character Names


SPOILER: pages leaked from a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story visual guide revealed the names of the main cast of characters, as well as new aliens and confirmation of a big villain.

This is a major spoiler alert. If you do not want to be spoiled in any way shape or form, however small, for Rogue One, do not continue scrolling. Let it be noted, however, that the information revealed to us below through the leaked visual guide pages would likely have been released to the public prior to the film’s release anyway, through toys and other merchandise. It’s just with us a little sooner than we anticipated.

With that out of the way, read on.

First, here’s the front cover of the visual guide (not final):

On the cover we see the heroes of Rogue One all grouped together, along with a new member: a droid called K-250, the Enforcer Droid. Below is a page spread of his character details.

There’s more exciting fare to be found, however. One page spread listed the names of all the main heroes, and we’ve put it in bigger text for you below.

From left to right on the lefthand side of the above page:

  • Bistan (a new alien character) – Warrior
  • Cassian Andor (kneeling) – Rebel officer
  • Chirrut (standing) – Spiritual warrior
  • Jyn Erso – Soldier and warrior
  • Baze (kneeling) – Freelance assassin
  • K-250 (standing) – Enforcer droid
  • Pad (foreground, a new alien character) – Warrior
  • Bodhi (background) – Rebel soldier

The text next to each name is just a rehash of the same lines: this person is united with the rebel team to steal the Death Star plans, etc..

The new names don’t stop there, however. Another leaked page revealed the name of the white caped Imperial officer we glimpsed in the first Rogue One teaser trailer (via @Savanna_Kiefer).

The people at Making Star Wars were able to decipher the officer’s title and name as Director Krennic, but what he’s director of is difficult to make out. Probably the protection of the Death Star construction site or something of that nature.

Speaking of villains, we more or less got confirmation that Darth Vader will make an appearance in Rogue One. Check out the character spread from the visual guide below.

If Darth Vader wasn’t in Rogue One, there would be no reason to put his head smack in the middle of a character page spread. As to how much and how long he will appear, however, the spread gives no hint.

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Even though we still don’t know much about the characters of Rogue One themselves, it’s still nice to be able to put a name to a face. And names can have power; Jason Ward of Making Star Wars noted that the name Chirrut is similar to the Mandarin word “sheerut,” which means “involved in evil like a probe.” Even if that has absolutely no bearing on the name, Star Wars has a history of names having special meanings (Darth Vader means “dark father” in German, for example), so any speculation concerning the connection between the names of Star Wars characters and their names’ meanings is worth entertaining.

It’s also nice to have confirmation that the white caped fellow is neither Tarkin nor Grand Admiral Thrawn, as some have suggested. We’ll see if he lives up to their level of cunning, however.

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Keep checking Dork Side for more Rogue One updates, and head over to Making Star Wars to view the rest of the leaked pages.