The Star Wars Show Episode 2 Recap: Lost Stars, Chvrches, & Japan


On episode 2 of The Star Wars Show from the official Star Wars YouTube account, the hosts talked Lost Stars, the band Chvrches, and Star Wars toys from Japan.

The Star Wars Show, hosted by Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley and shot in the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, had some cool tidbits to offer this week, including an official illustration of one of Lost Stars‘s main character, Ciena Ree, an interview with the electronic pop band Chvrches, and a peek at some of the Star Wars merchandise you can find in Japan.

First, here’s the illustration of Ciena Ree. I have to admit, she looks exactly how I imagined her. Check it out.

For those of you who haven’t read it, Lost Stars by Claudia Gray is the first canon young adult novel in Star Wars literature. It spans about ten or fifteen years and follows the struggles of a young man and woman, each on opposite sides of the war, who fell in love with one another while attending the Imperial Academy. Ciena Ree is the loyal Imperial pilot, while Thane Kyrell defects to the Rebel Alliance after the Death Star destroys Alderaan.

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Interestingly, as Andi and Peter pointed out on The Star Wars Show, the Star Destroyer Inflictor on the cover of Lost Stars is the same one you see Rey drive by on her speeder on Jakku. It’s all connected.

Later, Andi got to interview Chvrches, a band whose love of Star Wars is well-known among their fans, and the band members expressed their hopes and theories for Rey’s parentage. The director and star of the horror flick Green Room, Jeremy Saulnier and Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), respectively, also cameoed to promote the new film, as well as hint they’d like jobs on a new Star Wars film. Get in line, fellas.

Finally, Anthony Carboni, a Star Wars correspondent and an interviewer at last year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, gave an inside look at the stores in Japan and the Star Wars toys and merch they sell over there. There were lots of pencil cases, and also a series of figures that could turn into eggs. As Carboni said, “It’s Star Wars.”

While we haven’t gotten any huge information from this episode or last week’s, we did get a deleted scene from Maz Kanata’s palace in the first episode and that look at Ciena this week. There was also a bit of Celebration Europe news in episode 2: Star Wars video games are going to feature prominently at the event, though we still don’t have any details on how. But basically, The Star Wars Show is a fun, lighthearted way to get a Star Wars fix every Wednesday, and maybe catch a bit of news and trivia to file away in your fan dossier.

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