Kohl’s Gives Chewbacca Mask Lady Free Star Wars Merchandise


To thank the Chewbacca mask lady, whose childlike delight with a talking Chewbacca mask from Kohl’s went viral, Kohl’s gifted her with free Star Wars merchandise.

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If only one thing made you smile this past weekend, it was probably the video of

Star Wars

fan Candace geeking out and laughing hysterically about the talking Chewbacca mask she bought from Kohl’s. She also made it clear in the video that the mask was hers, not kids’, and while they could play with it, it would not go in their toy box at the end of the day because it was



Thankfully, Kohl’s decided to do away with any problems she might have with sharing by gifting Candace with three more Chewbacca masks for her two kids and her husband, and a few other things. Okay, a lot of other things. Check out the video from Kohl’s Twitter page of Candice receiving a lot more Star Wars merchandise than just masks.

In case you haven’t seen it, below is the original video Candace put on Facebook.

I could not help but smile and laugh when I saw this video. This is the reaction I wish more people, including myself, would have to the things they buy. Candace is so overjoyed about this mask, a piece of plastic with a sound chip in it, while most of us nowadays are only that impressed by the latest technology or other really expensive items. The Chewbacca mask is not on the Kohl’s website, but judging by the prices of the other styles, Candace didn’t spend more than $20 on hers. $20 is all you need for pure happiness.

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Candace, we love you, and we’re so happy you got the Star Wars motherload from Kohl’s. You are dorky and crazy and the best Star Wars fan ever (nice shirt, too).