Netflix Nabs Exclusive Disney Deal, Includes Star Wars Titles


Rejoice Star Wars Fans, Netflix has finally acquired that elusive and exclusive streaming deal that will see Disney’s 2016 film titles come to its online library, which going forward, will include Star Wars films like Rogue One, and Star Wars: Episode VIII…

In his official blog post on Monday, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos revealed that with this deal (which according to Variety, was signed three years ago), Netflix will become the exclusive U.S. pay-TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar.

Here’s what Sarandos had to say:

"“From September onwards, Netflix will become the exclusive US pay TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar. And we’re excited to be bringing you new and exclusive Netflix Original movies including Mascots from the master of low-key comedy Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind) and War Machine, from acclaimed Australian director David Michod and starring Brad Pitt, in the serio-comic tale of the U.S. military adventure in Afghanistan.”"

For now, Starz has the rights to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as it was released in 2015. I don’t know if at some point in the future, Netflix will be able to move that title to the library, alongside other Star Wars titles, but for now, J.J. Abrams’ revival of the Star Wars franchise, will remain on the outside looking in.

However, if you live in Canada, there is some good news. Netflix’s deal with Disney began in 2015, there, which means people who have current subscriptions to the streaming service, will in fact get access to The Force Awakens, through Netflix streaming. My how convoluted this all seems.

However, as mentioned, once Rogue One is released on Blu-Ray and digital HD, then Netflix will have streaming rights to the film. The same will happen to the rest of the new Star Wars trilogy — Episodes VIII & IX.

H/T — Variety

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This is all a very good thing for Star Wars fans, as this just provides another fantastic and easy way to gain access to our favorite films, and who knows, now that the deal will finally kick in, in September, perhaps Disney/Lucasfilm will begin to move on a live-action Star Wars series for Netflix. Ah…one can hope.