Giant Screens Used to Film X-Wing Scenes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


With roughly six-months until the worldwide theatrical premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, information about how certain X-Wing flight scenes were filmed, has been revealed…

Thanks to the always reliable Making Star Wars, we have a story regarding the filming of X-Wing flight scenes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jason Ward, the owner/managing editor of MSW, just released a piece on the giant screen used to film X-Wings in space flight, for Rogue One.

Ward talks at length about the incredible and impressive techniques used in filming, that he thinks will be some of the best visuals any Star Wars audience has ever seen on film.

Apparently, the giant screens wrap nearly 360 degrees around the X-Wings, and serves to project any given environment around the ship. Ward says this is so one camera can film the ship, the pilot, and everything that is going on in frame. The screens are likened to IMAX theater screens.

Here’s what Ward had to say specifically, while describing the screens:

"“The size of the screen looks like it could be around 40 feet high. It wraps entirely around the size of a full X-wing fuselage. In the stuff I glimpsed, it didn’t have wings on it. It looked like the X-wing was flying in the atmosphere towards some mountains (but that is honestly inconclusive as it looked bright and washed out from the projection in what I saw).”"

If Gareth Edwards is using some kind of new filming technique for Rogue One, then one might fairly assume that director Rian Johnson could be using it for Star Wars: Episode VIII, as well.

J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job with the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter dogfights, in The Force Awakens, but we didn’t have any space combat, like in previous Star Wars films. With Rogue One focusing on the Rebels stealing plans for the first Death Star, one would imagine there will be plenty of space combat to film.

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Hopefully these giant screens will indeed provide something unique and new, in regards to what we Star Wars fans have already seen on screen.