Mark Hamill Gives Perfect Response to Female Star Wars Cosplayer


Actor Mark Hamill has once again restored everyone’s faith in humanity by giving the absolute perfect response to a female Star Wars fan wanting to cosplay as Luke Skywalker…

When he’s not busy filming scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII, or visiting young cancer patients who are lifelong Star Wars fans, Mark Hamill is actively interacting with his fans via his Twitter account.

All one need do, is look at his Twitter feed — and his 1.15 million followers — to know that Hamill is one of those stars who has always remained relatable to his fanbase.

Perhaps this is why a female Star Wars fan felt like she could tweet Hamill and reasonably expect a response. Jessica Bentley tweeted the Star Wars icon, and asked if she could go to comic-con cosplaying as Luke Skywalker:

Hamill’s response was perfect:

As you can see, Mark Hamill continues to be the standard bearer for the entire Star Wars franchise. And, he remains a role model in an industry filled with vapid-shallow stars who’d rather social media photos of their derriere than give beautifully real advice to a fan who is crossing gender boundaries, by simply wanting to cosplay as her favorite Star Wars character.

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Now that we’ve had a female lead in a Star Wars film (Rey in The Force Awakens), and the traditional male lead role in Hollywood is beginning to go the way of the Dodo bird, hopefully we will see fans of all gender, race, or creed, stepping outside their comfort zone to show their love for their favorite Star Wars characters.