Mark Hamill Visits Cancer Patient While Filming Star Wars: Episode VIII


Actor Mark Hamill took some time away from filming scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII to visit a 17-year old cancer patient at the Redcastle Hotel in Donegal, Ireland…

17-year old Jamie Harkin was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in June 2011. Having gone into remission and then relapsing in 2013, Jaime is no stranger to fighting the good fight. This January, she fell ill once again.

One thing that has helped to keep Jamie’s spirit’s up, during her battle with Lymphoma, is her love of Star Wars. As The Belfast Telegraph  explains, she’s been a fan of Star Wars since she was three. Perhaps this is why it makes this story so special, because Jamie finally got to meet one of her lifelong heroes when Mark Hamill paid her a visit on Monday morning.

"“I finally met my idol today. I had breakfast with Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill himself.”"

Hamill visited Jamie and her family at the Redcastle Hotel in Donegal, Ireland, where he is currently filming scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII with co-star Daisy Ridley (Rey) on the cliffs of Donegal in a set built from the ground-up, of the Millennium Falcon.

Jamie talked more about her visit with Hamill:

"“He chatted to everyone for a while, before turning to me, and he told me something that I really needed to hear after the last few weeks and months that I’ve had.”"

I can’t imagine what Jamie is going through, but to have one of her heroes lean in and give her some uplifting words of encouragement, must have been an amazing experience. She continued:

"“I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry, but I just couldn’t help it, and then Mark hugged me and as he was sitting down, I saw that he was crying too. He really is an extraordinary actor, not just because he played my childhood hero, but because despite being the star of the biggest franchise ever, he is still completely down to earth, and has remained human.”"

Yet again, Mark Hamill proves why he is the face of the Star Wars franchise. He is a caring and compassionate human being, who is genuinely a good person.

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Whether he’s taking time to have a pint at a local pub in Ireland and making lasting memories for fans, or giving much needed encouragement to a fan who happens to be a cancer patient, Mark Hamill is constantly restoring my faith in humanity.