Hasbro Unveils New Star Wars Collectible Figures


Ahead of Star Wars Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro Toy Company has unveiled two amazingly detailed Star Wars collectible figures featuring Kylo Ren and Old Ben, Obi-Wan Kenobi…

According to Entertainment Weekly, the first figure to be revealed will be Kylo Ren, at the Star Wars Celebration Europe which starts on July 15, and runs through July 17.

As you know, Kylo Ren was the main villain of Star Wars: The Force Awakens  and he will be available as a 6-inch Black Series collectible…and get this, he comes complete with a scorched and melted Darth Vader’s helmet.

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

The Kylo Ren figure comes with his helmet of course, and his infamous crossguard lightsaber, you know the one. And then a banner emblazoned with the First Order insignia. It really is quite stunning. EW also notes where you’ll be able to find the figure at the Star Wars Celebration Europe:

"During the fan event, it will be available at the Forbidden Planet toy booth for $34.99. (More details on the packaging will be released later @HasbroPulse on Instagram.)"

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Next up, is the Old Ben version of Obi-Wan Kenobi. EW this figure will be making its debut at the San Diego Comic Con on July 21 through 24.

It’s neat to see Sir Alec Guinness in character finally getting his own Black Series figure, as Obi-Wan Kenobi, from Star Wars: A New Hope. As you can see, this is the famous scene when the old Jedi-in-hiding receives an emergency hologram from Princess Leia: “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope.”

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

EW notes that the Old Ben Kenobi figure will be for sale at the Hasbro booth at SDCC for $44.99.

As you can see, then Princess Leia is rendered as a miniature blue figurine atop a table with an embedded light that makes her appear to glow, just as if R2-D2 himself were projecting her to the old Jedi.

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Obi-Wan also comes with two lightsabers: One is extended, and the other is a hilt. EW makes note to say that Old Ben’s saber started out as Anakin Skywalker’s, was later passed to his son, Luke, and ultimately ended up in the hands of Rey in The Force Awakens – who was last seen offering it back to Luke…but that’s not exactly true. Obi-Wan had his own lightsaber, while he kept Anakin’s saber safe in a chest and gave it to Luke.

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These figures are amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Hasbro has outdone themselves with both Black Series figures, and for once, I can see myself taking both of them out of the packages and displaying them in their own individual case.