Mark Hamill Confirms Star Wars: Episode VIII Wraps July 22


Thanks to Twitter-Jedi Master Mark Hamill, we now know that Star Wars: Episode VIII will finish filming on July 22, but what does that mean for the long wait until December 2017?

If you aren’t following Mark Hamill on Twitter, then stop what you’re doing and go follow him immediately. Besides being a great humanitarian, an outspoken animal right’s activist, and just in general, an all around fantastic human being, Mark Hamill comes up with some of the best hashtags in the Twittersphere.

Hamill has roughly 1.17 million followers on Twitter, so it’s understandable that on July 2nd, when the actor tweeted “It wraps on July 22nd 2016” followed by his usual hilarious barrage of hashtags, the Star Wars fandom went nuts.

As you can see, the tweet was in response to a fan’s question on the progress of filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII. This is something that Mark Hamill is famously known for on his social media platforms; he loves to interact with his fans.

Earlier in the month, websites went nuts because Hamill ambiguously tweeted about being out of work, however, it was in regards to Episode VIII getting close to being wrapped, and not in anyway to Luke’s demise in the film.

Whether Luke lives or dies in Star Wars: Episode VIII, remains to be a mystery, and I can promise you there won’t be any confirmation until the film airs in December of 2017. All those supposed “leakers” and “insders” are just attention grabbers, looking for their 15 minutes of fame, and should be shunned immediately.

So what does Hamill’s tweet that the film’s wrapping on July 22, mean for Star Wars fans, and the Star Wars Celebration in London which runs from July 15th through the 17th?

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Well, we might get some tasty art and designs from the film, or possibly even an official title. For months now, the film has been working under the working title “Space Bear,” but that’s going to change once filming finishes and post production begins.

Look for director Rian Johnson and the stars of the film to make appearances at Star Wars Celebration Europe, and in the process, be on the lookout for some kind of huge reveal.

We still have a full year and a half until the worldwide debut of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and that means we are just about reaching the point where Disney and Lucasfilm can produce a short teaser trailer for the film. SWCE would be the perfect place and time for that to happen.