Heavy Metal Meets Star Wars In The Galactic Empire Band


A heavy metal band called Galactic Empire is infusing Star Wars music with rock while dressed as the biggest baddies of the Empire.

I’ll bet you didn’t know Darth Vader could play the guitar, or that Boba Fett could pound the drums as well as the heads of his enemies. The Galactic Empire band brings those two, a stormtrooper, a shadow trooper, and a red Imperial Guard together to create one awesome heavy metal band bent on conquering (or rather, rocking) our galaxy.

Check out a music video they did riffing off the original Star Wars theme.

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The band consists of Grant McFarland as Boba Fett on the drums, Carson Slovak as the stormtrooper playing the bass, Chris Kelly as Darth Vader on (what else?) the lead guitar, CJ Masciantonio as the shadow trooper with a second guitar, and Josh Willis on the final string set as the Imperial Guard. The whole premise of Galactic Empire seems a little cheesy at first: a bunch of guys just standing around wearing Star Wars costumes as they play heavy metal. But if you think about it, it’s pretty impressive they’re able to play anything at all wearing those helmets and gloves. Their music is a pretty rocking interpretation of Star Wars themes, and their antics in between sessions has the potential to be hilarious, especially on a live stage.

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A live stage is where the group wants to go, which is where their Kickstarter comes in. They’ve already met their goal of $60,000 for a tour, but if you want to help cover any additional costs (transportation, equipment, etc.) or get exclusive perks like albums and t-shirts, head over to Kickstarter and make the pledge amount of your choice.

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Check out Galactic Empire’s other music video where they play the Imperial March, and keep checking Kickstarter for announcements about upcoming tours and albums.