Eight Possibilities for Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration

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Back in February of this year, we learned that the working title for Star Wars: Episode VIII, was “Space Bear.” A silly name to be sure, but we can chalk that up to director Rian Johnson’s fun-loving nature, I guess.

Roughly a month ago, a video began making the rounds across the deepest and darkest corners of the internet, showing what appeared to be a recording of a poster that had the title of Episode VIII as “Fall of the Resistance.” Now, this video has been seriously debunked as a couple of guys who put a lot of time into trying to trick the internet into believing they had found the biggest Easter Egg of 2016.

It was a nice try, but ultimately, when Lucasfilm Gatekeeper and Lore Master Pablo Hidalgo got involved on Twitter, everyone calmed down, and the story went away.

Don’t make Pablo mad, he can crush your attempt at trolling with one succinct tweet. However, it would be nice to see Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy stroll out on stage and see the Star Wars: Episode VIII words appear on a massive screen behind them, followed by the real title. The Star Wars Celebration is definitely the time to do it.

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