Eight Possibilities for Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration

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While we already know who the main actors are portraying, returning to the film, the big mystery — well one of the big mysteries — for Star Wars: Episode VIII, is who will actors Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran be playing?

It’s long been rumored that Del Toro will be a villain, in fact he’s alluded to that fact several times, in various interviews. Del Toro has the perfect face and acting chops to play a villain, and I can see him as a nefarious member of the First Order, answering only to Supreme Leader Snoke. At one point there was a supposed leaked script that claimed to know Del Toro’s character name: Lord Vikram, a First Order spy and sympathizer, who is acting as a Republic Senator, and who betrays Leia. Only time will tell if that script ends up true, or even partially true.

As for Laura Dern, her role remains equally mysterious. That same script had her a a Resistance member that takes over for General Leia, once she is mortally wounded, but ends up losing control to Poe Dameron, when Poe realize she doesn’t have the Resistance’s best interests at heart.

Kelly Marie Tran’s role has been said to be a love interest for John Boyega’s Finn. Apparently the two meet on the planet where Han’s memorial service happens (if this supposed script is to be believed, and I’m not saying that it is),  but she ultimately betrays him and turns him over to Captain Phasma, as she is a First Order stormtrooper working undercover to bring Finn to justice.

Interesting plot-lines, all. But, again, this script was supposedly leaked very early in 2016, and I just have too many questions as to its validity. However, it would be nice for Rian Johnson to tell us who these three actors are actually portraying in Star Wars: Episode VIII. It would be a nice treat for the Star Wars Celebration.

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