Eight Possibilities for Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration

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Another great thing J.J. Abrams did for Star Wars Celebration 2015, was to bring props to Anaheim. Rey’s speeder was such a unique vehicle; something we had never seen in a Star Wars film before, so when Star Wars fans were able to get an up close look at it, it was a surreal experience.

If Rian Johnson wants to keep the hype going on the new Star Wars trilogy, bringing props from the film would be an excellent touch. But, they don’t need to be props that we’ve already seen. I’m talking:

  • Knights of Ren armor and weapons
  • Supreme Leader Snoke’s wardrobe
  • Luke Skywalker’s wardrobe
  • A new creature or two
  • Those casino aliens we saw from Croatia filming
  • A possible new lightsaber from a new villain like Benicio Del Toro perhaps?

These are the types of props that would keep the internet buzzing for months after the Celebration, as sites like ours would spend days on-end breaking down every bit of information, trying to ferret-out every secret we could find.

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