Eight Possibilities for Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration

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Okay, admittedly this is a bit of a stretch. The Force Awakens didn’t get an official poster until after September of 2015, as it rounded the corner toward the final months of the marketing push, for its worldwide theatrical debut.

However, why not shake things up a bit? We’ve all heard how Rian Johnson plays by his own set of rules. Even legendary screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan has said as much, so it might not be so out of the realm of possibility for the director of such a mind-bending film like Looper, to toss a little chaos in the mix and release a Star Wars: Episode VIII official poster, a full year and a half before the film’s debut.

Of course, the poster would have to feature the three newcomers, and that means their roles would have to, in some way, be revealed, but that’s okay…because it’s the Star Wars Celebration, and this is where the magic happens, right?

However, none of this is really what we’re here for…

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