Five Things We Want In Star Wars Rebels Season Three

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4. New Main Character Designs

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After two seasons and an array of injuries and losses felt by all parties, it’s time for a makeover for the main characters. Rumors of Sabine and Ezra getting new looks have already circulated. A new outfit and hair color makes sense for Sabine, who had two different looks across the first two seasons of the series. As for Ezra, in the finale of season two he lost his special stun-ray/lightsaber hilt combination. In addition, Kanan was blinded by the tip of Maul’s lightsaber,so at the very least, Ezra will get a new weapon and Kanan will be wearing a new bandage or mask.

While you’re at it with Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan, why not give Hera and Zeb new looks? Hera could probably use a flight suit which better reflects a uniformity within Phoenix Squadron, a growing rebel cell the Ghost crew flies with. Zeb, meanwhile, might upgrade his armor to better equip himself for more frayed and frenzied battles with the Empire.

The war with the Empire is coming, and after the shell-shocked season two finale, all the main Star Wars Rebels heroes had better fortify themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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