Meet Pao and Bistan, Two New Aliens in Rogue One


During the Rogue One panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe, two new aliens caught the eye of fans watching the Rogue One Celebration Reel. Now, thanks to EW, we have the names and descriptions of those aliens…

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, following last week’s Star Wars Celebration Europe, and got the scoop on the name of two aliens shown in the Rogue One Celebration Reel.

The two aliens in question were quickly given names by the internet: “Space Monkey” and “Bigmouth.”

Here’s “Space Monkey” getting crazy as the gunner of a new transport ship for the film. According to EW, the name of the new ship the U-Wing, and it acts as both gunship and troop transport.

Space Monkey’s real name is: Bistan.

"“It’s not necessarily a character that we get to know, but I think he has a very memorable, iconic look. [He’s] one of my favorites. I can’t give away what happens to him.”"

Many fans were wondering what type of alien Bistan was, thinking he might be some type of Bothan, but he’s not. Story Group gate-keeper, Pablo Hidalgo apparently revealed on The Star Wars Show, that Bistan is actually from a new alien species to the Star Wars cinematic universe: The Lakaru species.

Now, as to his compatriot, “Bigmouth,” EW learned that his real name is: Pao. Pao is a platoon leader and helps coordinate attacks from the ground.

Bigmouth’s real name is: Pao

"“There was this great design of this creature that’s mouth would open really wide, and he looked like he was really good at giving orders and shouting at people during a battle. I was like, ‘We’ve got to give him that moment in the film,’ and so [Pao] was born out of that.”"

It certainly looks like Gareth Edwards and his team are bringing in all kinds of amazing looking aliens, for Rogue One. Just today we revealed that Rogue One was adding a new alien to their display at San Diego Comic-Con: Edrio Two Tubes.

And, if you’ve watched the Rogue One Celebration Reel, then you know that there will be tons more unique aliens, added to the film.

I can’t wait to find out what that hairy-white beat is, as it obviously is important enough to carry gear on its back, possibly to battle.

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This makes one wonder if Rogue One will be the Star Wars film that truly shows how large and expanded the Star Wars galaxy actually is. We’ve always had creative new aliens in each Star Wars film, but Rogue One seems to be setting the bar, for awesome alien life, as part of the saga.