PR Firm Invites Star Wars Fans to Star Trek Night with the Boston Red Sox


Attention Star Wars fans, the Boston Red Sox are hosting Star Trek night on August 12, and you’re invited!

That’s right, Star Wars fans living in the Boston, Massachusetts area, are invited to Star Trek night with the Boston Red Sox. Being contacted by PR Firm, Elevate Communications, we here at Dork Side of the Force have been asked to pass the news along to our Star Wars readers, and so we are.

Here’s the information from the official press release:

"Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and the kick off of Boston Comic Con at Fenway Park on Friday, August 12th. The Boston Comic Con is the largest comic book and pop culture convention in New England (held from August 12-14th at The Seaport World Trade Center). Fans who purchase tickets through this special offer will receive this limited-edition Captain Kirk Red Sox figurine. Be sure to get here early to see the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, join us to throw out the first pitch, compliments of Boston Comic Con!"

Here’s a look at the totally-not-Star Wars themed Captain Kirk doll:

I mean, throw a lightsaber in his hands, put a hooded cloak on him, and you’ve almost got something any Star Wars fan would be proud to have…I said almost.

My real concern here is: Can William Shatner even throw a baseball far enough to be considered an official pitch? As Star Wars fans know, if it were Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) tossing out the first pitch, then it would be a heater right down the middle of the strike zone.

Heck, even Shatner’s Twitter nemesis, Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher (Princess/General Leia) could most certainly throw a baseball farther than a windbag like Denny Crane James Tiberius Kirk William Shatner.

Shat has trolled Star Wars fans in the past, and Fisher has been there to defend us, every time. Look how Fisher dismantled Shat, back in 2014. By the way, the Twitter beef hilariously continues to this day:

That wasn’t enough for Shat, as I assume he enjoys being burned by Fisher:

“Billy Shatnoid” is comedy gold, especially coming from an actress who literally has no filter, when it comes to speaking her mind…just one of the reasons Star Wars fans love her so dearly.

When it comes to which franchise is best, Star Wars fans and Trekkies can get into some fairly heated arguments. And, even though I suppose a person can be a fan of both — we even have a Star Trek website as part of the FanSided Network — sending a Star Wars website and invitation to a Star Trek themed night with the Boston Red Sox, is tantamount to nerd-blasphemy.

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We want to hear from you: Are you a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek? Or, do you believe there can be room for only one? Let us know in the comments section below, and on social media…and May the Force be with you, while you’re living long and prospering.