Rogue One Trailer: What we want to see in the new trailer


As we count down the hours until the release of the new trailer for Rogue One, it seems a perfect time to ask, what exactly do we want to see in the new trailer?

Second trailers generally are a mixed bag of previously used footage interspersed with some brand new footage, so we should not be expecting something completely new.

There is however the matter of the extensive re-shoots that were recently completed, so it is possible we might get a trailer chock full of new footage, as Disney might be eager to show fans exactly what they spent all that time and money on.

But what do we want to see? At the top of the list for any Star Wars fan has to be Darth Vader. We know Vader will appear in the movie, and we even got the silhouette/breathing thing in the teaser. Which is all fine and dandy, but we want to SEE Darth Vader.

We want to get a hint at what role the baddest villain in the galaxy might play in Rogue One. This would go a long way towards calming everyone down that was worried about the aforementioned re-shoots.

Something else that would go a long way, would be to establish exactly when Rogue One takes place withing the Star Wars timeline. We know it is going to take place at some point before A New Hope, but a more firm time frame would help us all get a better sense of overall movie.

And if we are talking complete wish fulfillment, something that might make most of us jump off our couch, what better way to connect Rogue One to the Original Trilogy than seeing the Death Star plans being carried onto the Tantive IV?

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Connecting Rogue One to the Original Trilogy would give most of us a geek heart attack, and would certainly set the internet ablaze. We want to hear from you: Anything else you would like to see in the new Rogue One: A Star Wars trailer? Let us know in the comments below, and on social media.