Star Wars alums react to the passing of Kenny Baker


As news of the passing of Kenny Baker spread yesterday, Star Wars alumni took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Best known to the world for his portrayal of the droid R2-D2, British born actor Kenny Baker passed away just eleven days before his 82nd birthday. Baker brought R2-D2 alive from inside of the suit, a role he played in all of the big screen adaptions except 2015’s The Force Awakens.

Baker additionally portrayed the Ewok Paploo, best remembered for his ill advised attempt to steal a speeder bike outside the Death Star shield generator on Endor. Although Baker did not control R2-D2 in The Force Awakens, the veteran actor did serve as consultant on the film, allowing many of the new cast members to meet the legend. Baker’s friends and co-stars took to Twitter to express their thoughts and condolences.

Goodbye #KennyBaker A lifelong loyal friend-I loved his optimism & determination He WAS the droid I was looking for!

Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, interacted with Baker as most as any of the Orignal Trilogy cast, except of course Anthony Daniels who brought R2-D2 on screen companion C-3PO to life. Daniels expressed his condolences as well.

Sad to hear of Kenny’s passing.1 of the truly original cast, so famed for his iconic role as R2. He’ll always be remembered by so many fans.

It had been reported in the past that Daniels and Baker had somewhat of a feud offset, but it appears not to have been significant enough for Daniels to not be saddened by the death of his long time screen partner.

Rest in peace Kenny Baker. It was a pleasure to meet you & thank you for all the joy you brought us #R2D2forever

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones and The Force Awakens star Gwendoline Christie was apparently star struck enough by Baker to have asked for an autograph at some point.

#RIP #KennyBaker. Sad to say goodbye to a small man with a huge heart & personality. He paved the way for short actors of a generation. x

Warwick Davis, who worked alongside Baker on both Return of the Jedi and Willow, expressed his sympathy and admiration for his fellow “short” actor’s death. Baker was originally slated to play the part of Wicket but fell ill during filming of Jedi, and thus Davis took over the role.

Very sorry to hear about Kenny. He was a great personal friend that I thoroughly enjoyed working with. #KennyBaker

And last but certainly not least, even the galaxy’s biggest villain could not help but be saddened at the passing of Baker. David Prowse, himself best known for bringing a character to life inside of a suit, acknowledged the passing of his friend.

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As you can see, Kenny Baker was well loved among his friends in the Star Wars cinematic universe. Rest in peace, Kenny Baker, you made your mark on this world; a mark that will never be forgotten.