Star Wars Cosplayers Showed Off Their Amazing Costumes At Dragon Con


Star Wars cosplayers turned out in droves at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA this weekend, and showed off their amazing costumes inspired by characters from the galaxy far, far away.

It’s Labor Day weekend, and that means Dragon Con. Wherever there is a pop culture convention, Star Wars cosplayers are almost always found. This year, Star Wars fans at Dragon Con produced impressive costumes inspired by characters from the galaxy far, far away. We’ve gathered some of the best of these costumes to show off below.

First, the 501st legion – a nationwide Star Wars cosplay organization – teamed up for an epic Dragon Con parade march.

The 501st Legion is famous not just for their film-accurate Star Wars costumes, but also for visiting hospitals and other events, and raising charity. It’s always good to see them assemble.

Next up is a Sabine Wren cosplayer, whose entire costume was modeled after Sabine’s Star Wars Rebels season 3 design.

The Star Wars Rebels season 3 trailer revealing Sabine’s new armor and hair designs just came out in July. Emma is a fast worker, and an impressive one, at that.

Speaking of Star Wars Rebels: Grand Admiral Thrawn, who originated in the Star Wars Legends books and is being converted to canon status in season 3 of Rebels, graced Dragon Con with his presence. Below, he is pictured with Star Wars authors Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne.

Another villain from Rebels made the Dragon Con scene. Check out Bria’s Seventh Sister cosplay. “Wow” is the only word to describe it.

Star Wars Rebels cosplayers weren’t the only Star Wars television series fans in attendance at Dragon Con. Take a gander at the amazingly accurate Bo Katan and Satine Kryze from The Clone Wars below.

This next one never gets old (no pun intended).

If for no other reason than it gives older fans a chance to participate in Star Wars cosplay, I’m glad Lucasfilm brought back the three original trilogy heroes for the sequel trilogy. I’ve seen older ladies and gentlemen dressing up in Star Wars costumes since The Force Awakens came out last year than ever before.

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Young fans (and I mean young) are catching the cosplay spotlight, as well. Check out an adorable pair of little girls dressed as Rey and BB-8 below.

At the end of Friday at Dragon Con, attendee Kay tweeted she had counted 43 Rey cosplayers, compared to two at last year’s Dragon Con. She even found a whole family of Rey’s, which you can see below. The Force Awakens heroine is proving inspiring to all generations and genders.

There were even cosplayers dressed as characters from the Star Wars movie which hasn’t come out yet, Rogue One. Sarah K. tweeted a photo of a fan dressed as Jyn Erso, complete with a pun.

There were so many great costumes at Dragon Con this year, we couldn’t possibly fit them all in one post. If you saw a cosplay you loved or cosplayed yourself at Dragon Con, share it with us on Twitter at @DorkSideOForce.

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Happy Labor Day, Dork Siders!