Disney has no plans to bring a live-action Star Wars series to TV


According to a recent interview with a Disney executive, the Mouse has no current plans to bring a live-action Star Wars film to television…

Despite reports that there was, in fact, a live-action Star Wars series in the works for ABC, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, a Disney executive has stated that the company has no plans to bring said live-action Star Wars series to network television.

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 Ben Sherwood — Disney Media Networks Co-Chairman, and Disney-ABC Television President — spoke to THR, and finally laid to rest all the speculation:

"“The live-action Star Wars plan rests in the hands of [Walt Disney Studios chairman] Alan Horn, [Lucasfilm president] Kathy Kennedy and the great folks at Lucasfilm. Somewhere we hope in a galaxy not too far away there will be a television show that will air on one of our networks. But I wouldn’t get anybody’s hopes up too high. They have a lot of movies to make between now and then.”"

I must admit to being a tad bit disappointed by this news. If Marvel (another film studio owned by Disney) can produce live-action television shows for both network television and Netflix original content, while still pushing out high-quality films, then why can’t Lucasfilm do the same for Star Wars?

Sherwood mentioned Star Wars Rebels, and what will be the next animated classic:

"We are deep into a very productive relationship with Lucasfilm making [Disney XD’s] Star Wars Rebels. And we are in ongoing conversations with them on what is the next Star Wars animated show."

There is plenty of content to explore, in regards to Star Wars canon. Disney could even make The Old Republic storyline as new canon, which is something Disney XD began to explore with the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale, and the planet Malachor.

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