Star Wars Show Recap: Battlefront DLC Death Star teaser and Pablo Hidalgo


This week on the Star Wars Show, a brand new teaser for Star Wars Battlefront DLC: Death Star was shown, and Lucasfilm Story Group guru, Pablo Hidalgo, stopped by…

On this week’s episode of the Star Wars Show, from, an all-new teaser for Star Wars Battlefront DLC: Death Star was shown, ahead of the full-length trailer being shown this Friday, and Pablo Hidalgo, the gatekeeper for Lucasfilm Story Group, stopped by to discuss, you guessed it, all things Star Wars.

The first bit of exciting news from this week’s Star Wars Show is the announcement that two soundtracks for Star Wars Rebels are being released. These soundtracks will cover both Season 1 and Season2 of the show. Season 1 boasts 28 tracks, while Season 2 has 33.

Animated Star Wars stickers have been released with the latest Apple iOS 10 update. The stickers can be downloaded from the app store for $1.99.

"Star Wars StickersiMessage app — available for $1.99 in the App Store for iMessage — includes 21 animated stickers that allow users to enhance their iMessages with characters and props from a galaxy far, far away. That means a BB-8 thumbs up when you approve, a Lando wink when you’re feeling scoundrel confident, and much more."

The new DLC for Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star, has a new teaser, which you can see in the video above. The teaser is just a glimpse of the full-length trailer that will be shown on Friday. I’ve got to say, Death Star looks to be the most ambitious and exciting DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, yet.

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Finally, Pablo Hidalgo, the guru of the Lucasfilm Story Group, sat down and discussed what got him into Star Wars. Turns out, Hidalgo played Star Wars role play games, and he wanted to know more information about that universe, than any of his friends. I suggest watching the entire interview, as it’s a fun look into how Hidalgo got to where he is now, with Lucasfilm.