NYCC 2016: More Rogue One Toys Revealed At The Hasbro Star Wars Panel


New York Comic Con 2016 has begun, and so have the Star Wars panels! Today, we highlight the new toys we learned about from the Hasbro Star Wars panel.

Given the plethora of Rogue One toys Hasbro released on September 30th for Force Friday, I wasn’t sure if we would get a glimpse of yet more new toys out of the Hasbro Star Wars panel at NYCC. Happily, I was proved wrong.

From the Black Series 6- inch action figures to the cheaper 3.75-inch line and more, there was plenty for Hasbro to show us. Most of it was Rogue One-themed, which is appropriate with the film’s theater premiere only a little over two months away.

The official Star Wars Twitter account livetweeted photos of the new toys shown during the panel. We have those tweets for you below. Check them out.

First up was a peek at a new set of Galactic Heroes characters. Now even the youngest members of your family can get to know Kylo and Rey from The Force Awakens. Even more exciting is the fact they can also try their hands at “piloting” an AT-AT. The hulking Imperial vehicle is a pretty impressive addition to the Galactic Heroes collection. Even I, at twenty-one years old, would play with it!

Next, the panel moved on to the more “grown-up” toys: the Black Series. First is the Scarif shoretrooper, a new kind of stormtrooper created specifically for Rogue One. This trooper is so cool-looking, with its sandy-colored armor and bands of blue and red paint. Its uniqueness is the reason I would buy it to display in my Black Series collection.

I would also buy the Black Series figure of Director Krennic, but mostly because Krennic is so gorgeous to look at. You can’t beat that pristine white uniform and stylish cape. He could give Lando Calrissian a run for his money in the fashion scene. And to capture actor Ben Mendelsohn’s perfect British face, Hasbro based the design of his action figure on a scan taken of the actor’s body. The result is a high-tech beauty.

Arguably, the next figure is the most beautiful of all, even if it’s just because of the fact this figure even exists. Darth Vader is back in Black Series, and this time, his figure is based on his appearance in Rogue One. Can you spot any differences between Vader’s Rogue One look and his past incarnations?

Fans of the new heroes being introduced in Rogue One will rejoice when they learn we are getting a Baze Malbus Black Series figure. The figure even comes with his trademark big gun.

And as the Star Wars Twitter account so aptly put, “You can’t have a Baze Black Series figure without a Chirrut Imwe.” I heartily agree, but more because Chirrut is already shaping up to be an amazing character. Not only can he wield a staff as if he weren’t really blind, he also has a spiritual connection to the Force which adds depth to what otherwise might be a flat personality. Plus, who doesn’t want the infamous Donnie Yen as a Star Wars character in their action figure shelf?

Finally, Hasbro revealed some new 3.75-inch action figures we can expect in a wave in the near future. Look for Chirrut Imwe, Bodhi Rook, and Admiral Raddus (a new Mon Calamari character we first glimpsed in the Rogue One behind the scenes reel from Star Wars Celebration Europe) at stores near you.

The deathtrooper, the shoretrooper, and Jyn Erso disguised as an Imperial ground crew member will also be available in 3.75-inch form.

Finally, Hasbro’s 3.75-inch Black Series lines will also be graced with a Darth Vader figure.

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What do you think of these new figures? Will you be adding any of them to your collection? Stay tuned to Dork Side as we let you know as we find out when these figures will become available in stores.