Everything You Need to Know About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Image credit: Lucasfilm

Turn back now if you wish to remain spoiler free because we are about to embark into spoiler territory. First off, the runtime for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is 133 minutes, so prepare your bladders accordingly. This puts Rogue One just three minutes under The Force Awakens, by the way, just in case you wanted to compare.

Now for the spoilers direct from a Rogue One presentation in Mexico City:

"The movie starts with the “a long time ago…” screen and then we go straight to space and Krennic’s ship flying through some rings (kind of like Saturn’s). It’s beautiful. Next, we see Jyn Erso’s family in a rush trying to escape before the Empire ship arrives. They know they’re on their way to capture them. They pack all their stuff and Jyn and her mom escape while her dad goes to confront Krennic. Jyn’s mom gives her a necklace and tells her that the Force will protect her or something along those lines. She tells her to hide in their secret place and little Jyn runs for her life. Back to Krennic, he says to Jyn’s father that they want him to work for them since it’s important for the galaxy’s safety and he refuses. He tells them his wife is dead (obviously not true) and he doesn’t want to do it. At that moment Jyn’s mom comes back with a hidden gun and tries to shoot Krennic and she gets shot. Krennic only gets his shoulder wounded. Jyn’s dad is captured and taken to the ship while Krennic orders the Death Troopers to search for the girl. Jyn hides in a tiny bunker and waits for them to leave. Suddenly, the bunker door opens and it’s Saw Gerrera. He rescues little Jyn Erso. End of scene. ROGUE ONE title (SW font, but it’s hollow) with new (very beautiful) theme music."

There you go. This scene has kind of played out in all the trailers we’ve seen, but still, I bet it will be amazing on the big screen, once we see it put together.