Mark Hamill voices Han Solo in Bad Lip Reading’s retelling of The Force Awakens


Bad Lip Reading, the YouTube channel which dubs popular movies with lip readings, released their version of The Force Awakens with Mark Hamill as the voice of Han Solo.

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) makes almost as good a Han Solo as Harrison Ford. In Bad Lip Reading’s retelling of The Force Awakens, Hamill captures Ford’s gruff voice to a “T.” And Han has plenty to be gruff about. Finn doesn’t take ninjas seriously enough, Admiral Ackbar speaks in cat meows, and Leia is as eccentric as Carrie Fisher, to whom this Bad Lip Reading is lovingly dedicated.

The YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading made a name for itself by taking popular videos and scenes from movies and recording over the original dialogue with bad lip readings. In 2015, the channel released bad lip readings of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Today, they tackled The Force Awakens.

Watch “The Force Awakens: A Bad Lip Reading” below.

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My favorite moments from this video are when Chewbacca belches and his annoying call: “Haaaaan!” They’re unexpected and therefore funny in their spontaneity. Violent BB-8 is also hilarious, especially considering how he is so often portrayed as an innocent, friendly droid. But the real star of this video is Mark Hamill’s Han. Honestly, if Bad Lip Reading hadn’t indicated that Hamill voiced Han in their video title, I wouldn’t have recognized him. He is so masterful an actor that he slips seamlessly into Han/Ford’s grumpy tone.

I’m sure Carrie Fisher would have appreciated the bad lip reading of her character, too. Not only was she a great actress, she was also a great comedian. She made fun of herself and Leia plenty of times, like when she criticized her iconic cinnamon bun hairstyle in A New Hope. As I laugh at Leia’s voiceover in “The Force Awakens: A Bad Lip Reading,” I like to think Fisher would be laughing, too, if she could see it.

To check out more of Bad Lip Reading’s Star Wars videos, follow the link to their YouTube channel.