Lucasfilm Reveals Awesome First Poster for The Last Jedi


“I know only one truth,” the first poster for The Last Jedi is sick!

Shortly after revealing an equally-awesome trailer for the eighth installment in the Skywalker Saga — Star Wars: The Last Jedi — Lucasfilm released the film’s first poster, and what immediately comes to mind is the overwhelming Dark Side vibe it gives off.

Nearly the entire poster is shrouded in a cloudy, red and black hue. The face of a grizzled – and menacing – Luke Skywalker plays juxtaposed to his nephew, Kylo Ren. Those unfamiliar with the series would almost certainly see Skywalker as a villain in this poster, so one has to wonder what has happened to the legendary Jedi in his exile.

What’s also interesting is Ren’s expression. While Luke clearly looks angry, Ren’s face is much more subtle. A crooked brow and wrinkled forehead reveal something much more akin to fear. It’s way too early to be certain of what Ren is afraid of, but an angry Luke Skywalker seems like a decent candidate.

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Alternatively, Ren’s portion of the poster is eerily reminiscent of the scene in The Force Awakens right before he kills Han Solo: half of his face in darkness, the other in light. The difference is that only the dark portion exists on this poster, maybe indicating that Ren’s path to the Dark Side is complete – and he will not find redemption in this movie.

Finally, Rey stands alone beneath both members of the Skywalker clan, a lone beacon of light. Her blue lightsaber stretched upwards to separate Luke and Ren. The pose is similar to Luke’s from the original 1977 Star Wars poster.

The emphasis on the Dark side in this poster gives some credit to earlier rumors that The Last Jedi would be a lot darker than its predecessor. Rey is quite literally surrounded by it here, and the red tip of her lightsaber seems to indicate that even she will be tested by the Dark Side’s pull.