The Star Wars Film Concert Series brings Star Wars screenings and live music together


Experience the full majesty of John Williams’s scores for the original Star Wars trilogy and The Force Awakens live in the Star Wars Film Concert Series.

Imagine watching a Star Wars movie and hearing John Williams’s score loud and fresh and right there in front of you. That’s the experience the Star Wars Film Concert Series offers.

This fall at David Geffen Hall in New York City, the Star Wars Film Concert Series will offer the above experience with the original trilogy films and The Force Awakens. On the nights of September 15 – October 7, the latter films will be screened to the accompaniment of their scores performed live by the New York Philharmonic orchestra. The orchestra will be led by David Newman, who has scored over 100 films in his career.

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Only one film will be played per night. Tickets range in price from $65 – $165 depending on which area of the audience you choose to sit in.

The premise of the Star Wars Film Concert Series reminds me of the early days of cinema. At the turn of the twentieth century, theater orchestras played the music for a silent film live. George Lucas once described Star Wars as “like a silent movie, you could be two years old and not understand anything that’s being said, but you understand the movie” (via Polygon). Furthermore, he said that “sound” was the most important component of the films. Now, his original vision for the saga is staying alive through the Film Concert Series.

You can purchase tickets for any of the nights of the Star Wars Film Concert Series here.