New parents in the US are naming their babies Kylo from The Force Awakens


File this under “Star Wars fans can get weird” because new parents in the United States of America are naming their babies Kylo…

By now, if you’re a Star Wars fan or just a fan of cinema in general, you’ve probably seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few hundred times. Well, okay, maybe I’ve seen The Force Awakens a few hundred times and I’m just projecting my perplexed state of mind over the fastest rising baby naming trend in the U.S. — Kylo, played by Adam Driver.

That’s right, the angsty bad boy with an uncontrolled temper, who killed Han Solo (his own father by the way), who was beaten in a lightsaber duel by an untrained scavenger girl from a desert planet, and who talks to the melted helmet of his dead grandfather — Kylo — is now a  name that parents are bestowing upon their newborn sons (and maybe daughters…we don’t know…like I said, it’s weird).

According to the Independent, who dug through the numbers from the Social Security Administration, Kylo has moved up over two thousand spots on the yearly list, to the 901 slot.

I honestly can’t imagine why parents would want to name their child after a character who killed his father. I mean, Father’s Day has got to be a really awkward situation when that kid gets older, right?

Plus, imagine the temper tantrums this kid named Kylo would throw. “I don’t wanna go to bed!” **pulls out lightsaber and proceeds to destroy his bedroom** 

Now I want to know if parents are giving Kylo a middle name of Ren. It’s really the only decision here, right? Can you fathom a kid named Kylo with a normal middle name like Charles, or Henry? Regardless, things like this trending name are why we can’t have nice things, and you all know it.

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What do you think about naming your kid Kylo? Let us know in the comments below…after you stop rolling around the floor, laughing your ass off.