Is this Kylo Ren’s personal starfighter in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?


Has an online shop revealed the first official look at Kylo Ren’s personal starfighter in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Website Mikado, an online toy and hobby shop, has posted images of new Hot Wheels Star Wars toys, one of which, is reportedly the personal starfighter of Kylo Ren. According to Making Star Wars, the ship was specially made for Kylo Ren and will be used by him to hunt down and take out the Resistance.

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There is an odd bit of information here, as the ship is sitting on the insignia for the Resistance, and we’re not sure why Kylo Ren would be flying for the very group he’s trying to eradicate. However, this could just simply be a situation the website placing the ship on the wrong pedestal.

Here’s a short description of Kylo Ren’s ship, from what the site’s sources have given it:

"His new TIE has pointed wings like the TIE Interceptor but with a pill-shaped body. The cockpit is sort of like an old B-29 bomber compared to the classic TIE cockpit window. The thrusters in the back remind me of the Falcon as they glow blue and sort of evoke the Falcon. The custom ship was supposedly made to his specifications so he could take down the Resistance and I believe we see Kylo fly from the Mega Destroyer in his new ship."

So there you have it, from MSW’s description, we may very well be looking at the personal starfighter for Kylo Ren. Or, perhaps Poe Dameron enjoyed his ride in the stolen TIE Fighter from The Force Awakens so much, that he had his own built, and that explains the Resistance insignia base the ship is perched on.