Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Scavenger Cape is perfect for The Last Jedi Rey cosplayers


The Galactic Scavenger Hooded Cape by Elhoffer Design is the perfect accessory for your cosplay of Rey from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Elhoffer Design, a Los Angeles-based one-woman fashion company, already has a head start on Star Wars: The Last Jedi cosplay.

Inspired by some of the photos revealed at The Last Jedi panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Catherine Elhoffer designed a hooded cape that looks exactly like the one Rey wears in the upcoming movie. It’s perfect for cosplayers or fans of Rey who just love her fashion sense.

First, take a look at the pictures from Star Wars Celebration of Rey in her gray cape.

Image credit: Lucasfilm (screenshot via photo library Elaine Tveit)

Image credit: Lucasfilm (screenshot via photo library Elaine Tveit)

Now, look at Elhoffer Design’s version of the cape below.

Galactic Scavenger Hooded Cape – $70.00 (preorder)

Image credit: Elhoffer Design

Image credit: Elhoffer Design

My favorite part about this piece is that it looks almost exactly like Rey’s original costume. I especially love the tactile look of the knit. It looks like something rough and ready that Rey would wear.

Earlier in 2017, Elhoffer released a clothing collection inspired by the costumes of Padme Amidala. Her other Star Wars designs include sweaters inspired by Poe Dameron’s jacket, a dress that looks like Rey’s vest and sleeves from The Force Awakens and more. Check out all of the Star Wars pieces that are in stock at elhofferdesign.com, and preorder the Scavenger Hooded Cape today.