This Star Wars Fashion Collection Is Inspired By Padme Amidala’s Costumes


Elhoffer Design, a one-woman fashion company in Los Angeles, released a clothing collection inspired by Padme Amidala’s costumes in the Star Wars films.

Whether you are a fangirl or a fanboy, you have to appreciate Padme Amidala’s costumes in the Star Wars prequels. They are by turns elaborate, whimsical, gaudy, and sexy, but always stylish. Who wouldn’t want to dress like her?

Thanks to Elhoffer Design, an independent, one-woman fashion company in Los Angeles, you can incorporate Padme’s high-brow style into your everyday wear.

Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Royalty Collection is almost entirely inspired by costumes Padme wears in the prequels. The one item that doesn’t riff off one of Padme’s outfits is a purple cape reminiscent of the cape that her daughter, Princess Leia wears on Bespin.

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

Each piece is made of high-quality materials and is designed by a single person: Elhoffer Design’s owner, Catherine Elhoffer. Elhoffer doesn’t have a license to sell products labeled as “Star Wars.” That’s why her works are merely “inspired” by costumes from the movies (fortunately, Padme never wears the Star Wars logo on any of her outfits).

In order to determine if an item will be popular enough to keep a stock of, Elhoffer first puts it up for pre-order on her website. If the item reaches a certain number of purchases, Elhoffer will place an order on it. So if one of the pieces below catches your eye, put an order in now to help it come in stock.

Without further ado, see the Galactic Royalty Collection pieces below.

Galactic Dusk Poncho – $60.00

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

The Dusk Poncho is my personal favorite. In fact, I preordered it the day it came online. I love how its romantic colors and shape look exactly like the dress Padme wears in Attack of the Clones the first time Anakin kisses her.

Galactic Eclipse Oversize Sweater – $73.00

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

This sweater is inspired by one of Padme’s Tatooine outfits in Attack of the Clones.

Galactic Picnic Cardi – $58.00

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

The dress Padme wears on her picnic with Anakin on Naboo inspired this cardigan. Its color and warmth are perfect for spring.

Galactic Sunset Hooded Cardigan – $80.00

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

Anyone who wears sweater this will be just as cool and enigmatic as the handmaidens from The Phantom Menace whose outfits inspired it.

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

Galactic Twilight Dolman – $65.00

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

Padme’s mood was subdued when she wore a robe with a similar design to this on Naboo in Attack of the Clones. Yours might not be, though, since you’re wearing such a gorgeous cardigan.

Galactic Princess Cape – $90.00

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

This final piece was, as aforementioned, inspired by Princess Leia’s Bespin outfit in The Empire Strikes Back. It would make a great winter cape.

Image Credit: Elhoffer Design

All of the above pieces either come in plus and regular sizes or are one-size-fits-all.

What do you think of these designs? Are there any other outfits of Padme’s and/or Leia’s you would like to see made into everyday wear?

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