Funko reveals first wave of SDCC 2017 Star Wars exclusive Pop! figures


On June 5, Funko revealed the first wave of SDCC 2017 exclusive Star Wars Pop! figures. The wave includes Supreme Leader Snoke and characters from Rogue One.

San Diego Comic-Con is just a little over a month away, so Funko has started gearing Star Wars fans up for some spectacular Pop! figures available exclusively at the convention.

On Monday, the official Funko website announced the first wave of SDCC Star Wars-themed exclusive Pop! figures. Two figures are characters from Rogue One and are packaged separately. Two others – holographic Princess Leia and R2-D2 – come together as a single set. The final and most impressive figure is a six-inch tall version of Supreme Leader Snoke’s hologram from The Force Awakens.

Check out photos of the Pop! figures below, via

Bodhi Rook

Image Credit: Funko

Combat Assault Tank Trooper

Image Credit: Funko

Holographic Princess Leia and R2-D2

Image Credit: Funko

6″ Supreme Leader Snoke (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Image Credit: Funko

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Funko made some great character choices with this first wave. Bodhi Rook is an unsung hero of Rogue One, and I love that he is appearing in more merchandise. Meanwhile, the Combat Assault Tank Trooper is visually interesting, as is holographic Princess Leia. By far, however, I am most impressed by the Snoke Pop!. Not only is it huge for a Pop! figure, but it also glows in the dark. I am also surprised to see Snoke as a piece of Star Wars merchandise. Lucasfilm has been dodging questions about the leader of the First Order for so long that it’s strange to see the veil of secrecy lifted even slightly.

According to Funko, most of their Star Wars exclusives at SDCC will be shared. This means that after the convention ends, you can purchase the shared items at a specific store. Funko promises more details on that front the week of SDCC, July 20-23.

What do you think of these exclusives? Sound off in the comments below about which one is your favorite.