Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher honored at D23 as Disney Legends


Mark Hamill receives Disney legend status at D23. Carrie Fisher also honored…

Mark Hamill (Jedi Luke Skywalker) and legendary Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher, were both honored as official “legends” by Disney earlier today at D23.

You might be asking, what is a Disney legend? How does one qualify? Well, here’s the answer from the D23 website:

"The Legends are chosen by a selection committee, formerly appointed and chaired by the late Roy E. Disney. Since its inception, the program has honored many gifted animators, Imagineers, songwriters, actors, and business leaders as having made a significant impact on the Disney legacy."

The trophy represents: “The Spiral—stands for imagination, the power of an idea. The Hand—holds the gifts of skill, discipline, and craftsmanship. The Wand and the Star—represent magic: the spark that is ignited when imagination and skill combine to create a new dream.”

During the presentation, Disney CEO Bob Iger praised Hamill’s performance in The Last Jedi. “Having seen his performance. Entire performance. I can tell you, it’s worth the wait.”

Hamill was truly honored and humbled during his acceptance speech, quoting baseball Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig. “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Iger concluded the acceptance speech with more praise of Hamill. “This is Mark’s best performance as Luke Skywalker to date. And you will see that I am right.”

Carrie Fisher was also honored, which began with a tear-jerking tribute video to her.

Iger also complimented Fisher’s performance in The Last Jedi, saying it displays her “trademark strength, heart, and her humor to the role. It’s true, truly a legendary performance.”

Iger closed her presentation, reading an acceptance letter from Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, who was unable to attend the ceremony.

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Hamill and Fisher look to add to their Disney legendary status, when Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15, 2017.