Kylo Ren will have a new sexy TIE Fighter in The Last Jedi


Kylo Ren will be sporting a new TIE Fighter in Star Wars: The Last Jedi…

Kylo Ren is attempting to one up his grandfather (Darth Vader) once again, this time with a new and improved version of a TIE Fighter. In the most recent episode of The Star Wars Show, Kylo’s new TIE variant — The TIE Silencer — was revealed. Check it out:

The Silencer sports laser cannons and a missile launcher, plus a darker and sleeker color scheme. It is varied in scale to Vader’s TIE advanced X 1 shown in A New Hope and Rebels. Kylo’s Silencer is 12.39 feet in height, 24.99 feet in width, and 57.18 feet in depth.

Darth Vader’s personal TIE was approximately 20.112 in height and 30.184 feet in depth.

This reveal stirred some questions that I had while watching The Force Awakens. Does Kylo have the skills to make the Kessell run in less than 12 parsecs, like his father before him? Did Uncle Luke give him flight lessons in an old Rebel X-Wing? gives us a description that sheds light on those questions:


"Reminiscent in design of the Empire’s TIE interceptor and Darth Vader’s TIE advanced, Kylo Ren’s TIE silencer is an angular fighter equipped with laser cannons and missile launchers. Ren is an expert pilot — thanks to skills passed down from his father — which he puts to use in exploiting his ship’s speed and ferocity. There is no other First Order craft like the TIE silencer, and it is an effective tool in Ren’s mission to destroy the Resistance."

We can’t wait to see the Master of the Knights of Ren — in the TIE Silencer — in action when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters in December.

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What do you think? Will Kylo meet or, even exceed, the piloting skills that run through his bloodline? Is his new TIE Fighter as badass as his grandfather’s? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media pages.