What’s next from Marvel Star Wars comics?


Darth Vader chases after a surviving Jedi. Rogue One releases issue # 5 of its comic installment. And more from Marvel Star Wars…

The end of summer goes out in style with several new comic releases, as well as some exciting news for us here at Dork Side of the Force.

Dropping in comic book stores today, Wednesday, August 2nd, the fourth issue of the fast-paced Darth Vader comic picks up with the Sith Lord face to face with a Jedi survivor.

Darth Vader Issue #4

This series has been nothing short of amazing. With appearances from the Emperor, surviving Jedi taking on Vader, and even diving into a bit of Sith lore and training, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite Star Wars comics to date.

In the upcoming issue, we will see Vader take on a surviving Jedi, as well as the Sith Lord acquiring a kyber crystal in order to construct his very first Sith blade.

Just when you think Darth Vader cannot get any cooler after the release of Rogue One, this comic may have a chance to top that when it’s all said and done.

Rogue One Issue #5

Also out today Wednesday, August 2nd, is the fifth installment of the Rogue One comic run.

You might think that this would be a waste of time and money due to the fact we have a full-length feature film and a novel adaptation to go with it. However; we are given many additional facts and even flashbacks to help add to the Rogue one storyline.

The Rogue One comic series is a must read for all Star Wars fans.

Mace Windu is getting his own comic

Announced in May by Star Wars.com, the purple lightsaber wielding Jedi will be getting his own stand-alone comic, set during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Jedi of the Republic: Mace Windu hits stores August 23rd.

Ahsoka do-it-yourself Padawan braids

Star Wars.com released instructions on how to make your own Ahsoka style Padawan braid. Whether you want to add some authenticity to your Ahsoka cosplay or become a trendsetter, this will take wardrobe game to the next level.

Upcoming releases from Dork Side of the Force 

We are pleased to announce the release of two very exciting additions to our arsenal of goods here at Dork Side of the Force. First, we will have a new YouTube channel with lessons on Star Wars lore, news, and whatever you want to talk about in a Galaxy far, far way.

Secondly, we will be releasing a podcast that will include Star Wars related topics, interviews with a wide variety of people connected to the Star Wars galaxy, and much more. So be on the lookout for those, very soon.

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Keep your eyes peeled for exact release dates coming to your galaxy soon!