More information released on novel ⸺ Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View


A new Star Wars novel compilation has released their full list of authors. All stories will take place during the events of a New Hope…

At Star Wars Celebration in April of this year, a new novel From a Certain Point of View was announced as part of the Journey to The Last Jedi. The novel will contain a compilation of 40 short stories by 40 authors, covering events of A New Hope from the point of view from a variety of different characters.

This week, Del Rey announced the full list of authors and characters who will be portrayed in those stories.

Before the release of the book’s final title, Operation Blue Milk was the working title of the novel, a nod to the blue milk that Luke drank in the original Star Wars film A New Hope.

Among those authors selected are Ashley Eckstein( Ahsoka voice actress), Christie Golden( Dark Disciple, Inferno Squad), Paul S. Kemp( Lords of the Sith), Chuck Wendig( Aftermath trilogy), Claudia Gray (Lost Stars, Bloodlines),  E.K Johnston( Ahsoka novel), and many more.

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The short stories will feature the (certain) point of view of many obscure characters whose voice is often not heard within a Galaxy far, far away, as well as some of our known favorites, like Grand Moff Tarkin. One story will include the journey of a lost Stormtrooper. Another the thoughts and motives of those wretched scum and villainy located in a bar on Tatooine. Also the perspective of Luke’s Aunt (Beru). I hope we get her thoughts as the Imperials are approaching the homestead. That be chilling, to say the least!

The concept of this novel is very unique and intriguing, to me. Often times, as much of the avid reader that I am, it’s nice to have shorter stories to read, as a long novel can be tedious at times. Also having an audio version of these stories will be nice for driving around and listening to on the go.

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From a Certain point of view will be available in stores, audibly, and on Kindle October 3, 2017. Pre-order it here.