Stories we want to see in the Obi-Wan Star Wars film


With news that fan favorite Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi will get his own spinoff movie, we are going to want to know, what story will be told. Here are five story lines we could possibly see in the upcoming movie.

1. The obvious choice, of course, is his time on Tatooine watching over and protecting Luke. On a backwater planet like that there are many unknown dangers that lurk around every corner. From Sandpeople to dangerous bounty hunters, Jabba and his henchmen to Luke’s boredom on the moisture farm. There are many possibilities here.

2. In my mind the second best option would be an Obi-Wan origin story. We get to see him as a youngling being brought to the temple for training. Between overcoming the tests to becoming the padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn there is a lot to cover during this time of the Republic.

3.  The third choice is a lot like the first, but with a little twist. While on Tattoine doing the training Yoda instructed him to do, there is a possibility that he could have fallen in love with someone. The Jedi order he knew was over, and it was time for him to move on and adapt to the world around him. This could also coincide with some Rey theories out there and her parentage.

4. While he is doing his training under the guidance of his old master, Qui-Gon could’ve taken him off world a couple of times to help further his training. During those stretches of not being on Tattoine he could run into a lot of trouble. Until the movie is released I have a feeling we will be kept mostly in the dark.

5. Now this one is probably the least possible story that’s going to happen. Right after the season finale of season three of Rebels, Obi-Wan takes Maul’s body away and just sits by the fire. Gazing into it waiting on the day that the Resistance calls upon him or Luke’s desire to leave the moisture farm comes earlier than expected. Until then, though, he just sits there and stares into the fire. Never moving, not doing anything. Now that my folks would be a boring movie.

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We haven’t been given a date for the release of this movie, or if it will even happen, but if it does, we can expect it to come most likely after Episode IX.