New content reveals Starkiller Base has possible connections to the Jedi Order


The new visual guide Star Wars: Super Graphic strongly hints that Starkiller Base was once used as a Jedi pilgrimage…

In this new visual guide, there are a ton of cool reveals and bearing information for us hard-core super nerds of a galaxy far, far away.

One tidbit that really caught my eye in the Star Wars: Super Graphic resource was one that seemed insignificant on the surface, but combined with other factors, was an important piece to the puzzle of the origins of Starkiller Base.

First, let’s dive into all that we know about the massive super-weapon known in The Force Awakens as Starkiller Base.

Originally located in the Unknown Regions, which we learned in the Star Wars: Complete Locations visual guide, Starkiller Base is a highly dangerous weapon of mass destruction, and we watched helplessly in The Force Awakens as the Hosnian system (which included the planets Cardota, Courtsilius, Hosnian, Hosnian Prime, and Raysho) was wiped off the face of the galactic map.

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The diameter of Starkiller Base is also 660 kilometers, which will be an important factor later on.

"The Starkiller weapon draws on decades of secret Imperial research into harnessing the potential dark energy. The energy is bound by a containment field created by a combination of the planet’s magnetic field and unique crystal substructure and artificial forces regulated by a thermal oscillator."

Two key elements from that description really caught my eye: Imperial and unique crystal. What planet was around during the reign of the Empire that has those two aspects in common?

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Illum. Also located in the Unknown Regions during the time of the Empire, preceding Starkiller Base, the icy planet was once a sacred location the Jedi Order used as a pilgrimage for millennia, where Jedi hopeful younglings would travel to with bright hopes of finding a unique kyber crystal to power their very first lightsabers.

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Tragically, the Empire began desecrating the once holy planet, as early as one year after the end of The Clone Wars, as we learn in the Ahsoka novel, where the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano planned on acquiring some crystals of her very own, but then tragically learned that the former Jedi sanctuary was being used for evil purposes, as the main power source for the super-laser of the dreaded Death Star.

In fact, Illum has the same exact location on the Star Wars galactic map as Starkiller Base, in their respective eras. Another eye-popping similarity, revealed in the new visual guide, is that both planets are exactly 660 KM in diameter. Plus, Illum and Starkiller Base both contain kyber crystals, with that energy source used to power each of their respective weapons.

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo made a startling comment on Twitter when a fan asked about the same similarities of the two planets.

I was already convinced of the origins of Starkiller Base being that of Illum, well before this recent reveal, with this new piece of information strongly solidifying that belief until we find out for sure (hopefully) within upcoming Star Wars content.

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Are you all as convinced as I am that Starkiller was in-fact once the planet Illum? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media pages.