New details surface on Maz Kanata’s role in The Last Jedi


More details surface on Maz Kanata, who will reunite with Finn in The Last Jedi…

In The Force Awakens, Captain Phasma, Luke Skywalker, and Maz Kanata were the big three that deserved more screen time, leaving fans disappointed and wanting more, with anticipation of how important their roles will eventually play in the fight with good vs evil. The Dark Side and the Light.

According to the Star Wars Leaks page on Reddit, we learn that Maz Kanata is possibly going to play a very vital role in The Last Jedi, where she will apparently lead Finn and Rose to an expert slicer by the name of D.J. —  Benicio Del Torro’s character. Maz is going to introduce the Resistance to a mysterious new ally, whose role, ability or special position of power is unknown to us as of now.

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The mysterious person could be D.J. but the leak mentioned a separate alley, who could be connected to both Maz and D.J.

With the New Republic now destroyed, the Resistance is all alone in the universe, so they will need to rely on all the help they can get. Maz has been around at least 1,000 years, so someone with her wise expertise can really help the Resistance against the evil advances of the First Order.

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Maz does have problems of her own to deal with though, after the destruction of her fortress on Takodana, she now has to be on the run, since the First Order now knows that she helped Han Solo and the Resistance during the events of The Force Awakens.

We believe that she will use her connections to a criminal underworld to help the Resistance in their quest of achieving victory against the First Order.

The biggest question though still remains, how did Maz come into possession of the infamous lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader?

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There are so many theories floating around the internet, but with how little we know of Maz’s relationship with Luke, Han, and Leia, we can only speculate on how she came into possession of it. I do hope that they will answer this question in this upcoming movie.

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The Last Jedi hits theaters this December, where we will officially learn more of Maz’s role, as well as the importance of both the mysterious D.J. and this other possible clandestine character.