Star Wars: The Last Jedi will see the end of General Leia on-screen


Over the years, Star Wars has given us countless characters that we still love to this very day. From little Ani and Qui-Gon to C-3PO and R2-D2, to Ahsoka and Anakin, to Han Solo and Chewie, and most recently with Rey and Finn. The one that takes the number one spot though would have to be Princess Leia Organa.

Her story began in 1977, when A New Hope hit theaters, introducing Star Wars to the universe. She was the daughter of royalty on her mother’s side while being born to the greatest Jedi of the Clone Wars with her father. She was the courage of the Rebellion and the face of the Resistance.

A brave woman who constantly had larger than life problems thrown her way, from losing her home planet to the Death Star to being tortured by Darth Vader himself, and donning that iconic uncomfortable and revealing outfit in Return of the Jedi.

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Enter The Force Awakens, where she has shed the title of Princess and is now just General Organa, leader of the Resistance. Her brave attempt to defeat the evil First Order was foiled by Lady Carise in the Bloodlines novel, where she could have stopped them before they spread terror across the galaxy.

As we all know, Poe, under the orders of General Leia, blows up Starkiller Base and we once again see a victory for Leia, with revived hope, and when she finally discovered the whereabouts of her brother Luke, who is the only hope to bring peace and justice back to the galaxy.

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Fisher passed away after she finished filming her scenes for The Last Jedi and Disney/Lucasfilm had an impossible task at hand. It would have to find a way to properly end the entity that is Princess Leia, without doing her injustice. Even though it aches our hearts, Leia must be put to rest on-screen, as well.

Being an upfront, powerful and clever persona, Leia demands to have her death a valiant one. Whether it’s a self-sacrifice, being shot down in the midst of a huge space battle, or be hunted down by her son Kylo, she must go out in epic fashion and in a way worthy of her honor.

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As The Last Jedi looms closer, we will finally get to see how the beloved Princess/General ends her heroine journey.

Life will never be the same again within Star Wars, without our favorite Princess, but she would want us to carry on and enjoy what is said to be one of her best Leia performances to date in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.