Force Friday II novel releases include Leia and Phasma


Princess Leia and Captain Phasma lead the charge with Force Friday II novel releases…

Force Friday is finally upon us, starting with an empowering video featuring Jedi in training Rey, to some cool new toys and collectibles, with a global countdown via the StarWars app, and much, much more.

Two highly anticipated Star Wars novels also join the mix of new releases, with Leia: Princess of Alderaan, and an origins story of the Captain of the First Order’s Stormtrooper corps in Star Wars: Phasma. provides fans with a brief description of the new books that will debut on Friday, September 1st, as part of Force Friday II.

Photo credit: Disney Lucasfilm Press

Leia: Princess of Alderaan by author Claudia Gray:

"It is Leia Organa’s sixteenth birthday and she participates in the traditional ceremony where she declares her intention to one day take the throne of Alderaan. But she’s much more concerned about the way her parents are acting lately: lots of meetings and late dinners and not talking to her as much as they used to. Eventually she discovers the reason for their secrecy: their involvement in the increasingly organized rebellion. When Leia decides to become involved herself in the fight against the Empire, whether her parents approve or not, she will have to prove to them that she is a valuable asset who must be allowed to take a stand, regardless of the risk to herself. Her stand will also put her at odds with a pacifist young Alderaanian man who gives Leia her first kiss…and her first real loss."

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Phasma by author Delilah S. Dawson:

"When a Resistance spy is taken prisoner by Cardinal, a high-ranking stormtrooper in the First Order, she cuts a deal for her freedom: to tell Cardinal everything she knows about his biggest rival: Captain Phasma. The story then cuts between the present and the past, showing Phasma growing up as a fearsome warrior on a brutal world and the bond that she forges with Bendol Hux when he crash lands on her planet. Hux sees potential in Phasma to become a great asset for the First Order. He’s right, of course, and Phasma becomes his shining accomplishment…right up until she betrays him."

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Star Wars: Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away by author Christian Blauvelt:

"Never seen a Star Wars film? Don’t know one end of a lightsaber from another? Then Star Wars Made Easy is for you! This beginner’s guide to a galaxy far, far away is a fun and informative read that will leave you knowing the difference between a Jedi and a Jawa!"

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