Force Friday II Promotional Video is all about Empowerment


Target does not disappoint with its new Force Friday II promotional video featuring fan favorite: Rey. Get ready to feel moved and empowered…

Force Friday II is upon us and Target’s promotional video will send tingles down your spine. The short clip features an empowering montage of women of all ages wielding lightsabers, wearing cosplay, and generally being inspired by everyone’s new favorite heroine: Rey.

The video highlights some fantastic Rey cosplay as well as women and girls doing things like lightsaber stunts, karate, and – perhaps the sweetest moment – a little girl giggling as the plane she’s flying in flips in the air. All of these incredible moments are accompanied by the musical talent of Sia. Her song Unstoppable plays in the background which is the perfect addition to the video. It’s only 30 seconds, but the video truly does make one feel unstoppable.

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Perhaps the most striking and moving aspect of this video was watching young girls look and feel fierce because of Rey’s influence. Little girls are very fortunate to have a heroine like Rey to look up to.  She’s kind, brave, and adventurous.

She shows little girls that it’s okay to be vulnerable and struggle, but it’s important to still be brave and choose the right path. I for one, cannot wait to see how she inspires us further as she continues her adventures in The Last Jedi.

Though we have about three more grueling months until we get to see The Last Jedi, Target is tiding us over with their Force Friday events that gift us with new toys, apparel, and merchandise. At midnight on September 1st, 500 of Target’s store locations will be hosting midnight events where this new merchandise will be on display and accessible.

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So don your cosplay, super fans, and head to to see if a target near you will be hosting one of these exciting events! And Target wants to make sure you don’t forget to use the hashtag #SharetheForce so you can share with the world what your favorite things about Star Wars are!