This Star Wars Funko may hold a clue about the mysterious D.J. in The Last Jedi


In the middle of Force Friday II weekend, Star Wars fans got a glimpse into Benicio Del Torro’s mysterious character D.J. for The Last Jedi

According to the Star Wars Leaks page on Reddit, a Star Wars fan on Twitter posted a photo of the D.J. Funko POP! on Force Friday, noticing something interesting about his hat.

Earlier in the week, director Rian Johnson spoke about spoilers for The Last Jedi not being revealed through the toys released before the film’s premiere in December. However; the tag on his hat is written in Aurebesh (a font from the Star Wars universe) and according to the translation it says “Don’t Join.” So, does what Rian Johnson said earlier carry any weight?

It may have nothing to do with the name “D.J.” but could it portray his thoughts about the First Order or even the Resistance. We believe that Maz is possibly going to lead the Resistance to him in The Last Jedi, so this could also be a message for the Resistance, or for would be recruits of the nefarious First Order.

Another idea that is floating around is that D.J. is his hacker call sign, but it could still carry the same weight as if it was his real name.

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We have to remember Johnson’s words regarding the spoilers, however, so I guess we will just have to see what the meaning of D.J.’s  is when The Last Jedi hits theaters this December 15.