Rian Johnson says Force Friday toys contain no The Last Jedi spoilers


Force Friday II toy releases will not contain any spoilers for The Last Jedi, says Rian Johnson…

With Force Friday II’s release of Star Wars toys and collectibles, a legitimate concern for some Star Wars fans are that possible spoilers for The Last Jedi might surface.

Even though a toy-set featuring Supreme Leader Snoke provides some new lines from the shadowy leader of the First Order it’s not yet known whether they will make the final cut of the film. Plus, they don’t reveal anything in-particular and only hint at possible character connections for the upcoming saga installment.

Fear not fellow Star Wars fans! Rian Johnson – writer and director for The Last Jedi – revealed on Twitter that nothing will be spoiled with the upcoming Force Friday II releases.

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Johnson has also constantly been asked on social media if Episode VIII will be a copy of The Empire Strikes Back, with the talented director replying with a fun, yet clear response each time, that it will be something fresh and new. Here are some good zingers from Johnson on his Twitter account, where he graciously interacts with curious fans over the past several months.

Disney and Lucasfilm also have a spotless track record, with no spoilers surfacing with their latest Star Wars installments, of both Rogue One and The Force Awakens. I believe that Johnson will keep that record unblemished, based upon his current remarks.

So, shop until your heart’s content during Force Friday without a care in the world of any leaks or spoilers ruining your experience and toy collecting ventures.

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