Paul Bettany finishes filming his role in Star Wars: Han Solo


Ron Howard shares a photo of actor Paul Bettany on the set of Star Wars: Han Solo…

Veteran actor Paul Bettany has finished filming his role in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story. On September 1, Han Solo director Ron Howard shared a photo of actor Paul Bettany on the set of the film. Many fans began speculating as to who or what the actor would be portraying.

In the photo above, Bettany seems to be wearing some sort of dark overcoat and also seems to be the proprietor of a shop. He almost seems to be playing a collector of sorts. Now, it appears as if Bettany has wrapped his portion of filming the Han Solo movie, and Howard shared yet another photo of the actor on set.

As you can see, Bettany and Howard are in the same location as the first photo, but there seems to be more revealed. The fawn-like creature under glass possible supports the theory that Bettany is portraying a collector of sorts. There also appears to be a suit of Mandalorian armor in the back left corner of the photo, which has caused quite the stir.

Could Bettany be portraying a version of Boba Fett in the Han Solo film? And, if so, is this photo taken from Fett’s own personal collection?

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Of course, that is simply wild speculation, and the easiest answer is that Bettany is playing a collector of rare things in the film, and he crosses paths with Han Solo or Lando Calrissian, at some point. I guess we wait until next summer to find out.