Star Wars Topps: Luke’s X-wing spotted on Ahch-To


The latest Luke Skywalker Topps card for Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveals his iconic X-wing…

Getting lost during the craze of Force Friday II was the release of the latest Luke Skywalker Topps collectible card, with one aspect of it really catching our eye. Thanks to for the image:

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You can see towards the bottom left, buried within the blue sea, a familiar looking star-fighter, which is no doubt an X-wing, with it highly likely being the same vessel Luke takes to Dagobah in the Original Trilogy.

Since the release of The Force Awakens, rumors and speculation arose on why, and how, Luke is on the island in the first place, with this latest image giving us a major clue. My initial reaction goes back to The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke’s X-wing sinks into the swamp, where he relies on Yoda to bail him out, where the little green Jedi Master uses the Force the free it.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Maybe we will see Luke instruct Rey on how to guide the Force in removing this large object, or better yet, Luke will get his chance at redemption and lift the X-wing out of the waters himself.

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The highly anticipated film hits theaters on December 15, where we hope to see Luke’s X-wing star-fighter in action.