Star Wars Rebels Season 4: Episode synopsis, new official poster revealed


Each episode synopsis and new official poster revealed for the first part of Star Wars Rebels Season 4.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is returning to Disney XD on October 15, leading directly into the events of Rogue One and A New Hope.

Disney dropped a full trailer for the first part of season 4, which once again delivers the ultimate feels. Check it out: recently revealed a full list of episodes for the first half of Season 4 and their airdates. Now we have an official Rebels poster.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

We are just getting started, with more Rebels details surfacing, brought to you by, revealing full episode descriptions for the first six episodes of Season 4. These dates connected with each synopsis reveal that episodes will be available a day earlier than expected, most likely for those with full access to the Disney XD App.

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10/15/2017: “Heroes of Mandalore: Part One”

"Sabine leads Ezra, Kanan and an army of her fellow Mandalorians back to her homeworld to rescue her father from the clutches of the Empire."

10/15/2017: “Heroes of Mandalore: Part Two”

"When Sabine discovers the Empire has resurrected a devastating weapon she created and plans to use it against her people, she must decide whether to destroy it or use it herself."

10/22/2017: “In the Name of the Rebellion: Part One”

"As members of the Rebel Alliance, Ezra and the Ghost crew must accept a mission to spy on an Imperial outpost they would rather destroy."

10/22/2017: “In the Name of the Rebellion: Part Two”

"After being separated from Hera and Kana, Ezra and Sabine join the desperate quest of Saw Gerrera to hunt down the Empire’s elusive secret superweapon."

10/29/2017: “The Occupation”

"Ezra and the Ghost crew are called back to Lothal when a new Imperial threat arises."

10/29/2017: “Flight of the Defender”

"Ezra and Sabine steal an Imperial prototype TIE fighter but must rely on some unexpected help to escape from Thrawn."

What we can piece together from the poster and descriptions are both quite telling. Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Pryce seem to be the main antagonists, while the Loth-wolf has major Force significance for both our Jedi, Kanan, and Ezra. Saw Gerrera is also going to put the Ghost crew to the test, recruiting them for high-risk missions. Also, spending the first few episodes on Mandalore will be action-packed and test the metal of Sabine to the core.

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All paths come together when Star Wars Rebels Season 4 premieres as early as October 15 on Disney XD.